Preserve and improve Medora

At the Medora Foundation, we are charged with preserving the experiences here for our children, and our children’s children.

Keep the Dream Alive

Since our beginning, volunteers have been crucial in sustaining and promoting the exponential growth of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.

make Medora better

Rough Riders and Business Members of TRMF are truly the everyday supporters who make our mission in Medora possible.

Dreams and Dreamers


For over 50 years, we’ve believed Medora is a special place. It’s our mission to preserve this place for generations and to connect people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.








Staying True

History, Education, and Entertainment

“My obligation today is to see that Medora’s greatness can be carried on after my lifetime, that its future can be even better than the past.” — HAROLD SCHAFER, Founder, 1988




Here are some of the endeavors we’re actively pursuing to make Medora an even greater experience for every person who visits.
Point to Point Park: An ode to Theodore Roosevelt's favorite game, and a perfect place for families. Including a swimming pool, lazy river, mini golf, zipline, hiking, and more!
Legacy BP: A plan to ensure that Bully Pulpit Golf Course will continue to challenge and amaze players—and to work more closely with nature to reduce flooding disruptions.
Access Medora: Raising our standards by creating solutions and amenities for people with disabilities—starting with a high-capacity elevator for people with mobility needs at the Burning Hills Amphitheatre.

Recent Foundation News

  • Relive the 2021 Medora Hot Air Balloon Rally & Badlands Kite Fest!
    The final weekend of the Medora Musical had us looking skyward. We sent off summer in Medora in a picture-perfect way: by inviting kite fliers of all skill levels to the 5th Annual Badlands Kite Fest. Watch the video above to meet a few of the kite lovers who made the weekend special! And on […]
  • 2021 Summer Wrap-Up: Thank You from TRMF!
    Another summer has come to an end in Medora. But it was one we won’t soon forget. In 2021, we had a celebration in Medora. We took hikes on a brand-new trail. We ate a whole lot of steak at the Pitchfork Steak Fondue. We made memories with our loved ones. We returned to old […]
  • Episode 5 of the Wisdom Chain Podcast: Daniel Gannarelli on the Wisdom Chain in Medora and on the Hockey Rink
    How do words become wisdom? How does wisdom become character? To trace the answers to these questions and more, TRMF Development Team Member Daniel Gannarelli spoke to round out the first annual Wisdom Chain Day in Medora on June 15th, 2021. In this final episode of our miniseries, the Wisdom Chain Podcast, hear Daniel explain […]
  • Episode 4 of the Wisdom Chain Podcast: Pastor Gerald Sharon on the Key to Unlocking Your Preferred Future
    Why are you doing what you’re doing? It might sound like a simple question, but it’s actually one of the most important things we can ask ourselves—at work, at home, and in every facet of our lives. That’s the message that Pastor Gerald Sharon had to share with the audience at Wisdom Chain Day in […]
  • The Medora WISH: Thousands of families feel the impact this summer!
    The Medora Wish Endowment is one of our fastest-growing and impactful funds at the TR Medora Foundation. Why? Because in just a few short years, it’s helped nearly seven-thousand kids see the Medora Musical and other attractions in Medora free of charge! Take a few minutes to watch this story of how the Medora WISH […]

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A message of Thanks from the entire TRMF team as the 2021 summer comes to a close!

Meet some dedicated kite fliers who put on quite a show during the final weekend of the Medora Musical!

Get to know the endowment that’s helped thousands of families connect to Medora at a lower cost!

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