Essential to keeping the vision for Medora alive.

Celebrate 25 Years of Volunteerism in Medora

In 1998, Jean Nesheim suggested to President Randy Hatzenbuhler that TRMF could use some “helpers.” 25 years later those “helpers” evolved into a cadre of people so integral to the operations of TRMF that the organization couldn’t function at the high level it does without them – they are our volunteers!



Volunteers are an integral part of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and its operation. We could not do what we do in Medora without our volunteers. From inventory and painting to planting flowers, greeting guests at the Medora Musical, and more!


If Medora is a special place to you—and if you want to connect to that special place in a whole new way—we’d love to hear from you.


Meet Lonnie Bonner, a TRMF volunteer of 15 years who overcame a stroke to return to Medora for another summer.

Meet Mike Johnson, a 15-year volunteer whose passion for Medora is simply contagious.


Your volunteer experience can take many shapes. Social butterfly? You’ll love in-season sessions of greeting guests across Medora. If you’re a green thumb, our flower crew might be just for you. And if you’re a born salesperson, you could become Medora’s number-one teddy bear seller. Click here to learn more about all of our volunteer seasons.

How do we select our volunteers?


The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation seeks a rich blend of new and returning volunteers. We look for geographical diversity, promoting a wide array of cultures and experience. We consider prior years of service and quality of past efforts. And we seek a blend of couples and singles that can be accommodated in our lodging facilities.


The more flexible and available you are, the more likely you are to be selected to volunteer.

Volunteering comes with perks!


You give so much to Medora, and we are so grateful. So it’s only appropriate that we can take care of you!



By volunteers and for volunteers, the Spirit of Work Lodge is an exclusive housing destination for those who generously give of their time and efforts to help Medora thrive. It’s a place where our volunteers can commune at the end of the day. And it’s just steps away from the Life Skills Center, which provides meals and more to our volunteer friends.


All meals are provided free of charge at the Life Skills Center cafeteria.



  • Volunteers may receive up to a 25% discount for meals at other TRMF restaurants or food venues.
  • Volunteers are able to attend the Medora Musical, the shows at the Old Town Hall Theater and several other activities free of charge.
  • Volunteers may receive a 25% discount at all TRMF gift shops.
  • Volunteers may play the Bully Pulpit Golf course at the employee rate for green fees/cart. WOW!
2023 Volunteer Summer Wait List Application

Our application window runs from mid-November to early February.

Missed the deadline? No worries! Fill out the form below and get on our waitlist to have a chance to join the volunteer team if there are cancellations to fill.