Essential to keeping the vision for Medora alive.

Thanks for your interest in the TRMF Volunteer Program.

Applications for the 2022 season open this fall.

Volunteers are an integral part of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation and its operation. We could not do what we do in Medora without our volunteers. From inventory and painting to planting flowers, greeting guests at the Medora Musical, and more! Volunteers help us accomplish so much—and their smiles are just contagious!

Who are our volunteers?


Volunteers add diversity to Medora’s culture. They work side-by-side with our employees and become vital team members—part of the the TRMF family. Some even go on to become TRMF Rough Rider Annual Members!


Our volunteers working on the frontlines serve as Medora ambassadors. They provide excellence in hospitality, model respect for people and place, and serve with creativity and integrity.


Other volunteers are behind-the-scenes heroes—painting, building, cleaning, mowing, planting, and hundreds of other tasks that preserve the essence of Medora and enable us to present our guests a top-notch experience.


They range in age from 18 to their 80s and beyond. They often work in pairs, so applicants can be spouses, siblings, partners, friends—or soon-to-be friends.


A great volunteer in Medora…


    • Demonstrates a passion for Medora, the Badlands, and their preservation.
    • Enjoys serving guests who come to Medora for a great experience.
    • Is self-directed and motivated.
    • Has a positive, uplifting attitude.
    • Is a problem solver and a solution-finder.
    • Is eager to learn and willing to adapt to change.
    • Asks for help when needed.
    • Attends and actively participates in orientation and training sessions.
    • Meets the physical, mental and emotional challenges of the volunteer duties.
    • Understands the Vision of TRMF and works to carry out its Mission and Values.
How do we select our volunteers?


The Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation seeks a rich blend of new and returning volunteers. We look for geographical diversity, promoting a diaspora of cultures and experience. We consider prior years of service and quality of past efforts. And we seek a blend of couples and singles that can be accommodated in our lodging facilities.


The more flexible and available you are, the more likely you are to be selected to volunteer.

Volunteering comes with perks!

You give so much to Medora, and we are so grateful. So it’s only appropriate that we can take care of you!



Provided at no charge at either the Elkhorn Quarters or the Spirit of Work Lodge.  If you choose to bring an RV, a site is provided for you at the Medora Campground.


All meals are provided free of charge at the Life Skills Center cafeteria.



  • Volunteers may receive up to a 25% discount for meals at other TRMF restaurants or food venues.

  • Volunteers are able to attend the Medora Musical, the shows at the Old Town Hall Theater and several other activities free of charge.

  • Volunteers may receive a 25% discount at all TRMF gift shops.

  • Volunteers may play the Bully Pulpit Golf course at the employee rate for green fees/cart. WOW!
Applications for the 2022 Season open this fall.