The Bully Spirit Award

The highest honor bestowed by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.
Presenting the 2021 Bully Spirit Award recipients: Bill and Jane Marcil.

“We’ll meet you over at Bill and Jane’s.”


That’s how folks around Medora often describe the Bill and Jane Marcil Life Skills Center—the namesake of two very special people to Medora. It was built in 2016, thanks in part to tremendous generosity on the part of the Marcils. And today, it provides a space for employees and volunteers in Medora to be themselves, work, grow, and thrive.


Spend four minutes watching the video below to learn more about Bill and Jane Marcil, and see exactly how great of an impact they’ve had on Medora.

The Bully Spirit Award is the highest honor bestowed by the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation to an individual or couple who have committed extraordinary effort and dedication to fulfill and advance the mission and vision of the foundation: to connect people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.


Bully Spirit Award recipients will be known for their extraordinary efforts to share the history of Medora, Harold Schafer, and Theodore Roosevelt, their impact through volunteerism, their generosity, their care for the landscape, their optimism which fuels action and achievement, and their extraordinary, positive impact on the greater world in which they live.


Watch this video to learn more about the Bully Spirit Award.


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