Employment FAQ

Getting Started

Q: How do I get to Medora?

A: Medora is located in the Southwest Corner of North Dakota.  We are conveniently located 1 mile off interstate 94 for those who are driving.  Speaking of driving, you are welcome to bring your vehicle with you for the summer, there is plenty of parking available right in front of employee housing. 

If driving is out of the question for you, no problem! Medora is easy to get around on foot and TRMF provides shuttle pick-ups FREE of charge at the beginning and end of the season to employees arriving and departing.  We will provide shuttle rides from the following locations:

Dickinson (Approximately 30 Minutes from Medora)

    • Theodore Roosevelt Regional Airport (DIX)
        • Serviced by United Airlines
    • Bus Station
        • Greyhound/Jefferson Lines

Bismarck (Approximately 2 hours from Medora)

    • Bismarck Airport (BIS)
        • Serviced by Delta, United, American and Allegiant

Williston (Approximately 2 hours from Medora)

    • Williston Basin International Airport (XWA)
        • Serviced by Delta United and Sun Country Airlines
    • Amtrak Station (WTN)
        • Empire Builder Train

Be sure to provide the HR team with your transportation plan as soon as you have made your arrangements so the HR team can make plans on their end for pick-up and room check-in if needed.

Q: When can I arrive to Medora?

A: HR will send out arrival emails to confirm your start date.  Please plan to arrive on the arrival date provided in your arrival email.  If you are driving yourself please contact HR to provide an approximate time of arrival so arrangements can be made for checking into your housing.  If you need to arrive earlier than the date provided, please contact HR to discuss arrangements.  TRMF is not responsible for providing housing to employees prior to their arrival date unless there has been prior arrangements made. 

If you are arriving to the Bismarck or Williston Airport please choose a flight before 8pm to ensure we can pick you up safely from the airport.  If your flight arrives later that 8pm we request that you set-up a hotel for the night and provide us with hotel information so we can pick you up the next day. 

Q: When and where do I check-in for employment on my first day?


A: Check-in is at the TRMF office inside the Life Skills Center located at 405 East River Road South, Medora, ND 58645. Employees who have accepted their job agreement will be sent arrival information as well as Onboarding Paperwork to complete before your arrival to Medora.  Your start date may differ slightly from your availability or the dates sent on your work agreement so please be sure to use the date on your arrival information for your correct first date. 

On Orientation Day you should plan on arriving at the time scheduled on your arrival letter.  If you are going to be late for your scheduled check-in time, please contact the TRMF HR team to let them know of your delay. 

Q: What should I bring with me for Orientation/Check-in?

A: Please bring verification for employment eligibility. You should have already electronically uploaded documents in your Onboarding paperwork but you must bring the physical copies with you on orientation day for verification. Commonly Used Employment Verification Documents include: social security card, official photo ID or driver’s license, U.S. Passport. (Please note, these are not the only forms of identification, a full list of acceptable documents can be found here.

Q: What can I expect on orientation day?

A: Your first day will include Orientation and Onboarding.  You should be prepared to spend the day with us as this day will be used to complete necessary employment paperwork, a classroom session to provide you with information on TRMF and your summer in Medora.  Lunch is included and a tour around Medora will be part of the day as well.

You should have received communication from your manager prior to orientation day about where to report once orientation is complete.  If you have not, please let the HR team know at orientation and we will get that information to you.

Q: What should I wear? Am I given a uniform?


A: On orientation day, please come dressed for a casual classroom setting. On that day you will receive your standard issue Polos and your employee nametag.

Q: What should I pack in regard to work clothes?


A: While we do issue polos or shirts necessary for the position, all employees should pack jeans, khaki’s or black pants to wear with their uniforms. All pants should be without any distressing. Shorts or skirts are appropriate in the same colors but should all be of appropriate length. All employees should bring neutral colored close toed shoes that are comfortable to wear for long periods of time.

Living In Medora

Q: What is the weather like in Medora?

A: Spring months of May and early June are typically moderate in temperature and can have many cool and rainy days. July and August typically are sunny, hot and dry, with the nighttime often cooling off quite a bit. Fall is wonderful in Medora with days in September and October being warm and sunny and evenings crisp and moderate.

Q: What other items do you recommend packing for a summer in Medora?

A: It is wise to bring layers as temperatures can vary quite a bit from morning to evening. It is suggested that employees bring a warm light coat, umbrella and/or rain coat, sunscreen, swimwear and a hat. All employee housing comes with wireless internet so you are welcome to bring personal laptop computers to be stored in your assigned housing. Space in your assigned housing is limited and you should be aware that you will likely have to share the space with another so be sure to bring only what you think is necessary. Laundry is onsite and complimentary for you to ensure that your wardrobe is clean and ready for work.

Q: Do I need to bring bedding or towels?

A: No, you do not need to bring bedding or towels, that is provided to you by TRMF and should be turned in at the end of the season. However if you would like to bring your own you are welcome. Double occupancy rooms should bring twin size bedding, single occupancy rooms should bring full size bedding.

Q: Do I need to bring toiletries, snacks, or other items?

A: Your room will be set-up with a roll of toilet paper and hotel size toiletries to get you started but it is recommended that you bring your own supplies (toilet paper, laundry detergent, shampoo, body wash, etc). If you are flying in you can purchase these items once you arrive to North Dakota. Often times shuttles back to Medora make a Walmart stop for these purchases. If you are driving yourself, be sure to stop in Dickinson on your way through for these purchases. Dickinson is located 33 miles east of Medora and is the closest Walmart to town.

Q: Where can I get mail during the summer?

A: Mail is not delivered to employee housing. Employees should reserve a post office box at the Medora Post Office upon arrival. Summer rates are available and post office boxes may be shared with a friend.

Q: How do I get from my housing to my workplace?

A: Most everything in town is within a 5-10 minute walking distance.  If you would like to rent a bike you can go to our local bike shop and rent a bike for $50-$70 for the entire summer. 

Shuttles are available to the Medora Musical and Pitchfork Steak Fondue if you have picked up a shift for that evening at either of those venues.  Shuttles departures will be listed on the schedules in the LSC. 

Q: How can I get to Walmart for more supplies or food? 

A: We have weekly Walmart Shuttles, sign-ups are in the LSC cafeteria weekly. You must sign-up to ride the shuttle as space is limited. Shuttles to Walmart are $10 a trip and will be deducted out of your paycheck. Once you are at Walmart, you will have approximately an hour to shop and get back to the shuttle for the ride back to Medora. If you do not follow the shuttle rules, we do reserve the right to deny you shuttle rides to Walmart.


Q: How do I request housing for the summer?

A: Housing is automatically assigned to all employees unless we are told otherwise. If there are specific requests in regards to housing we recommend that you notify the HR team as soon as possible so that we can accommodate as many requests as we can

Q: What do the dorm rooms include?

A: Each dorm room contains a set of bunk beds with two regular, twin-size mattresses. Beds are to stay bunked. Each room has two combined closet/drawer spaces. Each room also has a desk and desk chair. Each dorm room has its own bathroom. Each room has a dorm size fridge, microwave, tv, bedding, and dresser.

Q: Do I have to have a roommate or can I live alone? 

A: While we do have single occupancy rooms, they are extremely limited in number and unfortunately we are unable to accommodate all single housing requests. Again if you would like to have a single occupancy housing, we recommend you contact the HR team ASAP but please know that we cannot guarantee that your request will be granted.

Q: Can I choose who I live with? What if I don’t know anyone? 

A: If you are coming with friends and would like to live with them, please let the HR Team know your rooming preference so we can assign you and your friends together for the summer. If you are traveling alone, we do have a housing survey that is sent in our Employee Newsletters to help us get a better feel for who you are and who you might live with best and make room assignments based on those survey results.

Q: Can I live with someone of a different gender?

A: Yes, if you are living in our motel style housing, you can choose to live with someone of the opposite gender. Please ensure that both parties have made housing requests to the HR team to ensure that you are placed together, otherwise we typically place those of the same gender together. Those employees living in our dorm style housing will be placed in rooms and floors based on gender as the bathrooms in the dorm are hall style bathrooms.

Q: Are there cooking facilities in my housing?

A: While employee housing does not have full cooking facilities, the motel style rooms have mini fridges and microwaves in the rooms for you to utilize as you choose. The dorm style housing has shared microwaves for use and mini fridges are available upon request.

Q: Can I bring my pet with me?

A: Unfortunately, all TRMF seasonal employee housing is pet free.

Q: How do I pay for housing? Is there a housing deposit? 

A: Housing is payroll deducted out of your paycheck every two weeks. There is a housing deposit that is paid on your orientation day. You can choose to pay for your housing deposit up front or you can have the deposit take out payroll deduct. The housing deposit is refundable assuming you have checked out of your room at the end of your employment and leaving your room in good condition.

Q: I have an RV/Camper, can I live at the Campground?

A: Yes, we do have a limited amount of employee campsites available at the Medora campground. These sites are limited however, so please let the TRMF HR team know of your desire to live in your Camper and we will see if we are able to make that accommodation.

Medora Musical

Q: How do I sign up to work at the Medora Musical?

A: The Medora Musical runs from early June through at least Labor Day weekend each year. Your department manager is given a sign-up sheet every week. Sign-up for the dates you are available to work, and for the positions you are interested in. The Musical’s Front of House Manager will create the final worker schedule and distribute to managers to post in each department. You might not be signed up to work every single day you are available, so check the final schedule closely. A shuttle is available to drive workers to the amphitheatre each night.

More FAQs

Q: I’m younger than 16. Can I apply for a job?

A: Yes, individuals who are 14 or 15 years old are eligible to work for TRMF. However, before they begin work the following form must be completed and returned to the Human Resources Department; www.nd.gov/labor/forms/inst-age-cert.html. Also, see the following information about Youth Employment Laws in North Dakota: www.nd.gov/labor/services/wage-hour/child-labor.html. Housing is only available to employees 18 years of age or older. See FAQ below for further information.

Q: How do I become a volunteer in Medora?

A: TRMF has an extensive volunteer program which coordinates over 600 volunteers to work in Medora each summer. Approximately 22 new volunteers rotate into support positions on a weekly basis throughout the summer. Although most volunteer shifts are7-day commitments during the summer months, we also are grateful for volunteers who work longer shifts at the end of the summer or sign up for work weeks in the spring and fall. For more information, visit medora.com/volunteer.

Q: How will I be able to keep track of my hours and see my paystubs? 

A: TRMF utilizes Paylocity for timekeeping and payroll. Once you have been pushed through to payroll after your onboarding you can download the Paylocity App to access your paystubs, keep track of your weekly hours and stay up-to-date with company announcements on the TRMF Community Page.

Q: How far ahead of time should I make specific time-off requests? 

A: As far in advance as possible. If you are aware of time off needed this summer, you can let the HR team know right away so they can notify your manager. If you do not have time requests at this time they can be made with your manager over the course of the summer. It is important that you notify your manager as early as possible and remind them of upcoming time off before scheduling is released. Time off cannot be guaranteed if not done in advance.

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