The Veterans Endowment

A growing fund to help us honor past and present service members in medora.


The Medora Musical features patriotic America, Theodore Roosevelt’s volunteer calvary the Rough Riders, and a salute to military members each and every night! It is a celebration of America, great heroes, and a prideful North Dakota. 


But, every summer we like to kick up our patriotic appreciation by welcoming active duty members and veterans of the military to attend the Medora Musical for FREE! 


The sight of an amphitheatre full of the brave men and women that so proudly defended our country is enough to bring chills to your spine and nearly 3,000 people to their feet in applause… it’s a great gift the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation gets to give each year.

Made Possible By Your Support

These donors have contributed at least $25,000 to this endowment


Created and initially funded by 
Mary Larsen

Sandy Boehler

Dr. John and Marian Hamilton with the American Postal Infrastructure Partners

Terry & Kristina Heintz

Norman & Eunice Jones

Van & Dee Larson

The Title Team

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To put on a celebration this wonderful takes a lot of resources and that’s where the idea for a Veterans Endowment was born. Help give to an endowment that will carry on the tradition of celebrating veterans for years to come!


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