A Legacy of Generosity.

In 1986, after pouring decades worth of passion and hard work into the tiny town of Medora, Harold and Sheila Schafer and their family took the most consequential step of all toward securing Medora for the future: they donated the entirety of their properties and assets in Medora to establish the non-profit Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation.


The enormous act of philanthropy came with no guarantees. The Schafers knew that in order for Medora to prosper and grow in the decades ahead, other generous people must emerge and support the newly formed non-profit.


It was an act of hope, and it paid off.

The Schafer Fund represents that hope for Medora’s future. The growing endowment provides a stable base of support, allowing the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation to maintain and improve its many properties. Whether it’s a wooden boardwalk outside the Rough Riders Hotel, fresh benches on the Tjaden Terrace, or a complete renovation of the Burning Hills Amphitheatre, the Schafer Fund exists to ensure the magic of Medora never diminishes.

Made Possible By Your Support

These donors have contributed at least $25,000 to this endowment

Harold (dec.) & Sheila (dec.) Schafer

Bruce & Carolyn Adams

Pat & Bev Altringer

Sandy Boehler

Winnifred Brown (dec.)

George & Myrtle (dec.) Dynes

Herman Gierke (dec.)

Larry & Dorothy Goodall

Ray (dec.) & Gert Hoffman

Mert & Karen Johnsrud

Norman & Eunice Jones

Ron & Paulette Keney

Marby Hogen & Loren Kopseng

Frank (dec.) & Doris (dec.) Kubik

Van & Dee Larson

David & Vivian Meiers

Berniece B. Olson

Avis & Allen Pedersen

Elmer & Arlene Schwarz

Michael & Marilyn Smyth

Gretchen & Steve Stenehjem

Sandy & Rod (dec.) Tjaden

Greg & Nancy Tschetter

Brad & Deb Wimmer

United Energy Corporation

Contribute to The Schafer Fund.

Thanks to generous people like you, Medora is a thriving source of joy and inspiration for more people than ever. We are grateful for your care!


The future of the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation is even brighter thanks in part to our deliberate focus on endowments. Our endowment funds are carefully managed, positioning TRMF to grow with confidence and stability. The spending rate on investments held for endowments is four percent annually.


Our goal is to one day grow the Schafer Fund to $50 million – a milestone that would allow the entirety of our organization’s depreciation costs to be covered by endowment funds.