The Burian Family Fund for Maintenance

An Investment in our behind-the-scenes heroes

helping us get the job done.

There are a whole lot of moving parts in Medora.


And inevitably, those parts will break down and need repair. A well-equipped, professional maintenance staff is essential to keeping the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation operational and successful.


Steve Burian and his family recognized that—and they also recognized that maintenance departments are sometimes overlooked. So he decided to establish an endowment that would ensure the TRMF maintenance director always has essential equipment and tools at hand to take care of problems big and small.


Made Possible By Your Support

These donors have contributed at least $25,000 to this endowment

Created and initially funded by 
Steve Burian


Your support can help us keep Medora in tip-top shape.


By contributing to the Burian Family Fund for Maintenance, you’ll be making sure the little things are never overlooked—and the guest experience in Medora remains a positive one for years to come.