2023 TRMF Employee Holiday Party

January 5, 5:30pm
Medora, North Dakota

Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation

Annual Holiday Party

Get ready to celebrate the festive season at the TRMF holiday party! Connect with your awesome colleagues, share some laughs, and toast to the incredible year we’ve had together. Let’s Jingle and Mingle our way through the holidays! See you all there!

5:30 pm | Kickoff at the Rough Riders Hotel

6:000 pm | Progressive Party – Food and festivities through five homes hosted by the executive team

8:00 pm | Drinks, desserts, gifts and games at the Rough Riders Hotel

Meet Your Holiday Hosts

Randy & Laurie

Schafer Home


Ray House
Favorite Holiday Cookie 🍪

Randy: I am an extreme nutrition freak, but if forced, I will eat a pan of hot, fresh, chocolate chip cookies. They might not be considered holiday cookies, but they should be.

Laurie: Candy Kiss Cookies

Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

Randy: “Mary Did you Know”

Laurie: “Silver Bells”

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

Randy: Spending time in a warm climate area.

Laurie: Sledding with the grandkids.

Why Did You Pick Rudolph? 🦌

Randy: I think Laurie made me do it. 

Laurie: Rudolph is so cute with his red nose!

Favorite Holiday Cookie 🍪


Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

“Joy to the World”

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

Downhill skiing

Why Did You Pick Home Alone? 

Home Alone is my favorite holiday movie, and maybe my second favorite movie (my very most favorite movie is The Princess Bride). Home Alone makes me laugh the same amount every year when I watch it.

Clarence & Emily

Sitter Home


Slauter Home
Favorite Holiday Cookie 🍪

Clarence: Pretty much any cookies, but if I had to pick just one it would be peanut butter cookies. 

Emily: Frosted sugar cookie (not just any though – sour cream cutout cookies with an almond-flavored icing!)

Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

Clarence: Silent Night

Emily: I can’t pick one! Top 3 – Silent Night, Oh Holy Night, and Hallelujah.

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

Clarence: Sledding

Emily: Sledding and playing in the snow with my kids.

Why Did You Pick Elf? 🎅

Clarence: Emily loves it!! I have yet to see the movie to understand why it is so great but plan to prior to the Christmas party.

Emily: I’ve always loved the movie Elf. Buddy the Elf is definitely my spirit animal who loves Christmas as much as I do!

Favorite Holiday Cookie 🍪

Sugar, of course, preferably frosted – a holiday classic!

Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

This year I’ve been digging “Sleigh Ride” by the Ronnettes: I’m hanging onto MDQ vibes I guess.

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

I enjoy holiday decorating and jigsaw puzzling – and of course enjoying holiday food!

 Why Did You Pick Christmas Vacation? 🌟

Among the best Christmas movies ever filmed, so many nuggets, the more you watch the more you find… I know a real life cousin Eddie.

Lyubomyr & Sheila

Rough Riders Hotel

Daniel & Kaelee

Tjaden House
Favorite Christmas Cookie 🍪

Lyubomyr: “Hemp & Poppy seeds” – I never tried them but in California people say “it’s out of the Space”.

Sheila: Candy Cane Cookies

Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

Lyubomyr: “Happy New Year” by ABBA

Sheila: “Grandma got ran over by a Reindeer”

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

Lyubomyr: Ski, Skate, Snow ball fight, pulling people out of ditches

Sheila: Driving around looking at Christmas lights while drinking hot chocolate.

Why Did You Pick Christmas Story? 

Lyubomyr: I was too slow to pick, but I guess it’s kind of fitting.

Sheila: I Didn’t … Was Assigned. 
Why Did You Pick Grinch? 🎁

Daniel: In my daily grind it sometimes feels like I’m the grinch’s sidekick in a heart-growing venture. Forget the green fuzz; I’m all about helping hearts expand three sizes through the magic of giving at work. 

Kaelee: The Grinch has THE best quotes, absolutely iconic characters, a heartwarming and timeless story line, and well… Kinley beat me to Christmas Vacation. 

Favorite Christmas Cookie 🍪

Daniel: Favorite cookie? Yes, please! All of them. End of debate.

Kaelee: Ooo probably pizzelis or a classic sugar cookie.

Favorite Holiday Song 🎶

Daniel: Chatting with Emily Walter sparked a revelation: “Let it Be” isn’t just a song; it’s the Christmas anthem of cool. Beatles, you’ve out-merry’d yourselves!

Kaelee: “A Christmas to Remember” by Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers, or literally any song off that album. I made my husband and I matching Christmas shirts with our faces on the album cover art… check it out and then use your imagination, the shirts are pure gold.

Favorite Winter Activity ❄️

Daniel: Winter’s playground: skis strapped, slopes conquered.

Kaelee: Ice skating, skiing, snowshoeing.

Read the menu

A night full of festive foods, refreshing drinks, and delicious desserts!

The Sitter Home | “Elf” hosted by Clarence & Emily

Candied Bacon-Wrapped Chili Chicken Skewers, Candied Pecan & Brie pastry cups, Toasted Marshmallow Espresso Punch, World’s Best Coffee

The Schafer Home | “Rudolph” hosted by Randy & Laurie

Creamy Chicken & Snowball Soup, Cranberry Basil Punch, Hot Cocoa Bar

The Ray House | “Home Alone” hosted by Nate

Creamy “Campfire” Mac & Cheese with Buffalo Chicken, Cranberry BBQ Bison Puff, Hot Apple Cider, Fuller’s Pepsi Float Punch

The Tjaden House | “The Grinch” hosted by Daniel & Kaelee

Roast “Beast” Sliders, “Whobilation” Personal Charcuterie boards, Virgin Mulled “Wine”, Grinch Punch

The Slauter Home | “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” hosted by Kinley

Turkey & Cranberry Baguette, Virgin Old Fashioned Hot Butter Rum, Clark’s Egg Nog

Rough Riders Hotel | “A Christmas Story” hosted by Lyubomyr & Sheila

Pastires, Cheesecakes, Cupcakes, Fruits, Cookies, Bars and more! Plus, a bar with drinks to end the night!

Check out the map

Registration Includes

All Meals, Entertainment, Exclusive Medora Access Tours, Semi-Formal Banquet, and more!

Event Itinerary

Wednesday, September 27

4:30pm | Registration – Tjaden Terrace

5:30pm | Cookout – Tjaden Terrace

7:30pm | Program & Bonfire – Tjaden Terrace

Thursday, September 28

8:00am | Breakfast Buffet – Rough Riders Hotel Conference Room

10:00am – 3:00pm | Variety of Activities (Sack lunch to be provided at Noon)

Possible choices may include:

Free Mini Golf and Zipline

Free Shooting Gallery

Guided tours:

Medora and the changes – Sites of future projects, Amphitheatre fondue and library site, Maltese Cross Ranch, Tour of Medora homes over time, Hiking on Point to Point Trails with Joe Wiegand, Bully Pulpit Golf Course

Sites to take in:
Cowboy Hall of Fame, Billings County Courthouse Museum, Theodore Roosevelt Presidential Library Office & Displays, Theodore Roosevelt National Park, Chateau de Mores

Shopping at various retail stores around town

5:00pm | Semi-Formal Banquet and Program – Tjaden Terrace

7:30pm | (Optional) Million Dollar Quartet – Old Town Hall Theater

Friday, September 29

8:00am | Breakfast Buffet – Rough Riders Hotel Conference Room