Preserve and improve Medora

At the Medora Foundation, we are charged with preserving the experiences here for our children, and our children’s children.

Summer is better in Medora

Each summer, a small army of hard-working volunteers work to improve the Medora experience for all — and make memories along the way.

make Medora better

Rough Riders and Business Members of TRMF are truly the everyday supporters who make our mission in Medora possible.

Dreams and Dreamers


For over 50 years, we’ve believed Medora is a special place. It’s our mission to preserve this place for generations and to connect people to Medora for positive, life-changing experiences.








Staying True

History, Education, and Entertainment

“My obligation today is to see that Medora’s greatness can be carried on after my lifetime, that its future can be even better than the past.” — HAROLD SCHAFER, Founder, 1988




Here are some of the endeavors we’re actively pursuing to make Medora an even greater experience for every person who visits.
Wild Horse Place: A plan to provide even more housing options to our full-time employees, helping TRMF grow alongside Medora. Coming in 2023!
Legacy BP: A plan to ensure that Bully Pulpit Golf Course will continue to challenge and amaze players—and to work more closely with nature to reduce flooding disruptions.
Medora WISH: A growing program that helps us welcome children to the Medora Musical at no cost during special weeks each summer.

Recent Foundation News

  • Bully Pulpit Golf Course set to open mid-May with two brand-new holes
    The following story first appeared in our new print publication, Notes From the Trail. ~ After a year of diligent work to secure the long-term future of Bully Pulpit Golf Course, golfers have much to look forward to in the coming season — including two brand-new holes and an improved, championship-level experience. “After being a […]
  • How a teddy bear from Teddy Roosevelt made a family’s visit to Medora extra-special
    At the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, nothing makes us happier than hearing people’s “Medora stories.” This particular story — of Teddy Roosevelt, a teddy bear, and a young girl named Lily — has us smiling today. Watch the video above to hear Lily’s great-grandparents, Mike and Marianne, share the story of a visit to Medora […]
  • Paving a Path Forward at Bully Pulpit: Cart Path Concrete Provider Wins National Award
    Dickinson Ready Mix, a company with decades of history supporting the Theodore Roosevelt Medora Foundation, was in the national spotlight this spring thanks in part to a project at Bully Pulpit Golf Course. In March of 2022, Scott Olin, the President and General Manager of Dickinson Ready Mix, was named the Concrete Pavement Promoter of […]
  • Reflecting on the April 1st, 2021 wildfire — and the heroic people who saved Medora
    As the calendar turns from March to April, we can’t help but remember what was happening exactly one year ago today, on April 1st, 2021. A spark from a sagging power line southwest of Medora grew into a wildfire that tore across the rain-deprived Badlands. “It outran us at just about every corner,” remembers Doug […]
  • “The Medora Connection” & help for Ukraine in the news
    “It’s not about the job, it’s about the people.” Yarema Slonevskyy In the last week, the story of how friendships made in Medora have led to substantial help for people caught in the war between Ukraine and Russia has spread across North Dakota. On March 25th, KFYR-TV aired a feature story on Yarema Slonevskyy and […]

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Meet Lonnie Bonner: a TRMF volunteer of 15 years who battled back from a stroke to return to Medora for another summer.

A quick look at why working and exploring in Medora makes for the best summer of your life!

A teddy bear given to an audience member at Teddy Roosevelt’s show made an impact on a family visiting town.

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